From the Everglades to Kilimanjaro, climate change is destroying world wonders

The number of natural world heritage sites at serious risk from global warming has doubled in three years, says the IUCN, including the Great Barrier Reef and spectacular karst caves in Europe

Travel 2016 – Tip 7 – France – Cirque de Navecelles

Visit the Cirque de Navecelles is my tip 7 – it’s not easy as there’s no train station and the buses don’t run close by. However, the view of the canyon formed by the river Vis is worth it. A meander was cut off by the river – the meander then dried out leaving marshyContinue reading “Travel 2016 – Tip 7 – France – Cirque de Navecelles”

Travel Quiz

Who doesn’t like a quiz, especially a quiz that acquaints you with sites you’ve never heard of. Look at these pictures and marvel: