Free Book – The Goat Parva Murders

If you are a member of goodreads ( log in to the website. You can apply to receive one of five copies of my book The Goat Parva Murders: An Inspector Knowles Mystery. If you are selected, I will send you a signed copy of the book within a month. The offer ends on MayContinue reading “Free Book – The Goat Parva Murders”

The Goat Parva Murders: An Inspector Knowles Mystery

This is the blurb for my latest book: Just a typical Tuesday night in the English country hamlet of Goat Parva. The stalkers in the rhododendrons are busy watching the exhibitionists in the windows. Nothing unusual. Until that is when Bingo the retriever returns with a pair of shoes that were last seen adorning the feetContinue reading “The Goat Parva Murders: An Inspector Knowles Mystery”