Where to party in 2018: a clubbing, nightlife and festival guide

Fill your ears and your year with the sweetest beats at the best music and clubbing events – from Berlin and Reykjavik to New Orleans and Cape Town

Party in the sea – between the Isles of Scilly

The Low Tide Event is the ultimate pop-up, a mini festival held only twice a year when the sea recedes far enough to expose a sandbank linking Tresco and Bryher

My thoughts on Montego Bay

Montego Bay is a party town. I am sure the rest of Jamaica is too, but I will just write about where I have been.

The centre of the city is worth looking around once but there’s nothing outstanding to see other than perhaps Sam Sharpe Square and the Gallery of West Indian Art. Don’t let anyone show you around and act as your guide – they will want some money from you for this service. The usual line they give is that they work in the kitchen or act as a waiter in a restaurant or hotel that you have frequented. If this happens to you either stand still and tell them to go away politely or go along for the ride and expect to be asked for money.

Doctor’s Cave Beach is on Mobay’s hip strip and you will find you’re not the only tourist around, which is quite heartening if you have been to the centre of the city where tourists are scarce. Restaurants change their names quickly here – the Twisted Kilt has become Biggs and the Groovy Grouper Bar and Grill has become The Sands Bar and Grill. Biggs is like walking into an American diner and The Sands is actually right on the beach (you enter the Doctor’s Cave Beach bathing area and then head to the right along the wooden boardwalk – a fact some guidebooks neglect to mention).

I stayed at the Wexford Hotel. This is a very noisy location as there’s a disco to the left of the hotel as you face the sea, but if you don’t want to sleep until 1:30am then that won’t bother you. The Wexford is situated on Gloucester Avenue, which is the main road out of Montego Bay towards the east of the country. Their Internet Wi-Fi is like an elevator (up and down all the time), however they do offer a complimentary shuttle service to the airport and the breakfasts are good and hearty, although don’t help yourself to the fruit juice otherwise the waitress will scold you in a friendly manner. To serve the juice and tea is her job.

Other recommendation are to go to Scotchies on the road to Falmouth to try jerk and visitors must go up to Richmond Hill and admire the view over Montego Bay.