Goat Parva Murders – Chapter 4

Knowles parked his Land Rover in the car park of the Badger & Ferret Inn and looked at his watch. “Right, Sergeant Barnes, I think you should go and see Carol Herald and find out what she knows and work out what she’s not telling you, if you know what I mean. Above all seeContinue reading “Goat Parva Murders – Chapter 4”

Goat Parva Murders – Another extract

This is another extract from my book The Goat Parva Murders: An Inspector Knowles Mystery. Suddenly Bingo barked and ran off into the undergrowth with his tail wagging vigorously. Mrs Hills turned around and shouted. “He’s found something I just know it – I wonder who it will be this time.” Linda Smythe walked overContinue reading “Goat Parva Murders – Another extract”

The Goat Parva Murders – The First Chapter

My new book: “The Goat Parva Murders – An Inspector Knowles Mystery” is now available on Amazon. I entered the 1st chapter into a competition and it won, so you can read this chapter here: http://writersbillboard.net/firstchapter3.html