Prankster in chief: why I threw swastika golfballs at Donald Trump

He stage-invaded Kanye, gave Blatter a cash shower, and got cuffed for riling Trump. As Simon Brodkin gets his own TV show, he reveals why Scottish police are the best – and Swiss officers the worst

Murder/Mystery book for under $2

The second Inspector Knowles books is available for a reduced price on Kindle :

The Manton Rempville Murders  is $1.99

How many bodies can one dog find? Another day in the life of Detective Inspector Colin Knowles and another murder. Bingo the retriever has been finding bodies again. This time someone left a sword in the back of Edward Pritchard in the local monastery. Pritchard used to work at nearby Manton Rempville Hall as a gardener although all he seemed to cultivate was reasons for people not to like him.
As luck would have it there’s a house party at the hall so there are plenty of suspects. Knowles inspects the people, the libraries, the studies, and the not-so-secret passage of this old hall in an attempt to find out who murdered Pritchard. Bells, owls, and ironic topiary all play a part in his investigation.

Slowly Knowles weeds out the suspects until there can be only one person who did it.

The Manton Rempville Murders is the second in the Inspector Knowles Mysteries and reacquaints the reader with Knowles and his Detective Sergeant Rod Barnes, who were first introduced in The Goat Parva Murders.

This is my second homage to the detective story. I’ve always loved mystery stories by Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, and Dorothy L Sayers. I have recently watched many DVDs of detective series from the UK and this was the spark to start the creative process. I have added some humour into the book.