Travels through History – Avignon

Extract from the book ‘Travels through History : France” available here Sur le Pont d’Avignon On y danse, On y danse Sur le Pont d’Avignon On y danse tous en rond On the bridge of Avignon We all dance there, we all dance there On the bridge of Avignon We all dance there in aContinue reading “Travels through History – Avignon”

France road trip: Lyon to Nice

This two-week route through some of France’s most beautiful landscapes takes in gorgeous farmhouse stays, camping and kayaking, lavender fields and finally the Med

2016 Trip – Tip 4 – France Avignon

Another day, another tip to visit a garden, this time in Avignon. Past the Palais des Papes visitors should go up the incline to the right of the Petit Palais Museum and follow the path/road around until there’s green space all around. This is Le Jardin du Rocher des Doms and the views over theContinue reading “2016 Trip – Tip 4 – France Avignon”

2016 Trip – Tip 2 – Marseilles Airport

At Marseilles-Provence Airport, the buses (navettes) for the airport train station (Vitrolles MP) leave from stop 3. My train left Vitrolles at 17:25. The airport train station bus arrived at 17:00. I got on the bus along with many other people. We waited until 17:19 before leaving, which meant we arrived at the station asContinue reading “2016 Trip – Tip 2 – Marseilles Airport”