China by train: tracks, tales and a snapshot of everyday life

Chinese new year signals major travel across the country, and railways are at the heart of many journeys. Author and BBC journalist Michael Bristow knows China well – and the insight time on board offers

How to book and travel by high-speed train around China

China’s rail network is a fast-paced wonder that makes exploring this huge country – including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen – much easier

Passing panorama: New Zealand’s glory from a train window

Thirty years after the TranzAlpine was launched, Susan Grossman boards one of the world’s most scenic trains at Christchurch, before completing her trip on North Island’s Northern Explorer

Wales on rails: fine food and great views on the Holyhead to Cardiff

The Gerald of Wales, which runs the length of the country, is a rarity: a train with an onboard chef serving three-course meals and proper morning fry-ups

10 of the best narrow-gauge railway journeys in Britain

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Young, gifted and track: National Rail advertises Britain’s ultimate job

Adventure can be your middle name if you land National Rail’s job of CAO – chief adventure officer – in a part-time role that involves rail travel and vlogging

Travel 2016 – Tip 24 – France – Booking train tickets

Today’s tip relates to booking train tickets on SNCF. I have used Captain Train extensively over the past month – their website is as follows: Not only is their website available in English, but it’s easy to book tickets, exchange tickets, and receive refunds should there be a strike. Captain Train also replies toContinue reading “Travel 2016 – Tip 24 – France – Booking train tickets”

Travel 2016 – Tip 6 – Trains in France

Today was interesting. I had a lovely meander around sunny Avignon in the morning and a great walk in Montpellier in the late afternoon. I should have caught the 9:38am train to Montpellier, arriving at 10:44 am, but there is an SNCF strike, so guess how I travelled from Avignon to Montpellier in between myContinue reading “Travel 2016 – Tip 6 – Trains in France”