‘People are dreaming big in Brno – the city has a real buzz’

World champion rock climber Adam Ondra started climbing when he was three, and is still inspired by the outdoors community of his home town

Prague’s cryptocurrency cafe: a perfect brew of beans and bitcoins

The terms espresso bar and ‘anarchic ethical hacker collective’ don’t usually go together but this radical bitcoin-only hub in the Czech capital is no ordinary cafe

Europe’s oldest pagans: the deep forest life of Mari people – in pictures

Ikuru Kuwajima photographed the Mari El republic in Russia over the course of a year, learning about everything from witchcraft to paranormal activity

Travel 2016 – Brno – Czech Republic

Again, I travelled on the train from Bratislava on the Hungaria Express (Budapest – Hamburg) which takes you directly to Brno in 1.25 hours for a cost of 13.90 Euros. This city has a boring reputation for some reason. It is not justified. If you like trams, this is a wonderful chance to see oldContinue reading “Travel 2016 – Brno – Czech Republic”

Rome wasn’t planned in a day … in fact it wasn’t planned at all

The grid system which the Roman republic exported all over Europe was never employed in the capital itself. The city has always lacked a coherent plan – save for the monumental temple that once towered over it

The Angels of the Forest in Madagascar

Fuelled by the Chinese desire for hardwood the forests of Madagascar are being denuded at an alarming rate. Here’s hoping that tours to this place http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2014/feb/21/madagascar-rainforest-lemur-marojejy save some trees and the beautiful sifakas that live in them.