Amie Siegel’s Strata review – from the depths of the Earth to the heights of excess

Amie Siegel follows marble from quarry to tasteful, lifeless New York apartments. What will her cryptic excavations turn up?

The Distillery, Notting Hill, London: hotel review

With 100 gins on the menu, in-room cocktails and the chance to join a three-hour tasting, don’t expect a stay at London’s first gin hotel to be hangover free. At least it’s not far to stagger to bed

1984 – Stage Play

I went to see the stage version of 1984 on September 4th at the Playhouse Theatre. The production last 101 minutes and was an emotionally draining, but ultimately fascinating piece of theatre. As well as being an accurate condensation of the book, the play asked how much of the 1949 novel is true today andContinue reading “1984 – Stage Play”