Frights and sights in Transylvania: exploring haunted Hoia Baciu

The home of Dracula it may be, but the forest of Hoia Bacui and nearby Cluj-Napoca, a Romanian cultural hotspot, are full of life

The Dracula Race in Sighisoara – Sports the Olympics Forgot

Taken from the book – Sports the Olympics Forgot The individual time trial starts outside the modern day café where Vlad was born. The contestant must first run to the Clock Tower and climb the stairs to the top taking care not to hit their head on the low doorways. They must then run aroundContinue reading “The Dracula Race in Sighisoara – Sports the Olympics Forgot”

Dracula Race – Part 2

After completing this task the contestant runs down the steps and then has to complete 50 sit-ups while lying in a coffin. Then the contestant runs back to the clock tower and ascends to the top where they must run 5 times in a clockwise direction around the top of the tower before biting threeContinue reading “Dracula Race – Part 2”

Bucharest city guide: what to see plus the best bars, hotels and restaurants

Though much of Romania’s capital was bulldozed by the communists, the old town survived and is abuzz with bars, cafes and restaurants