Tale of Dickens’ fight to save Shakespeare house retold in exhibition

Events in which novelist helped save bard’s birthplace from clutches of US showman PT Barnum will be celebrated in Stratford

Clava Cairns and Fort George, Scotland

Excerpt from the book Scottish Highlands, Caribbean Islands, and more After the battlefield of Culloden I went to see the nearby Clava Cairns a complex of three cairns surrounded by stone circles and a ring of small boulders. This complex dates from between 4,400 BC and 2,000 BC. The middle cairn never had a roofContinue reading “Clava Cairns and Fort George, Scotland”

William Shakespeare rejection letter for Hamlet

I have always tried to see the funny side of life, hence the stories in the book – The Rhetorical Musketeers and other stories. I have often tried to redefine what certain words mean and it can be fun to play with their meanings. I have often wondered whether Shakespeare ever received a rejection fromContinue reading “William Shakespeare rejection letter for Hamlet”