Avenues of trees, live theatre and a spa – why Singapore’s airport is the best on the planet

Changi airport is regularly named top of its class. Now it has opened Terminal 4, replete with futuristic cleaning robots and offering minimal human interaction

Singapore street food: stewed, sliced and steamed – video

A kaleidoscopic journey through Singapore’s vibrant street-food scene, shaped over many years by local Malay, Indian and Chinese communities. Vendors ply their trade from noon till night, dedicated to the dishes they produce and the customers they serve

Singapore through an Instagrammer’s eyes

Aik beng Chia is one of Singapore’s most prominent street photographers, posting snapshots of daily life in the city-state. On a three-day tour, he takes us from tai chi in the park to breakfast in one of the few remaining old-style coffee shops, and from the karaoke quarter to a market stall brimming with sex toys

Eric Lomax

I think there’s something wrong with our values as human beings. If you haven’t heard of Eric Lomax, like me before seeing the film The Railway Man yesterday, then find out about him. This man was quite remarkable in many ways. Essentially, he forgave someone who had helped torture him during the second world war.Continue reading “Eric Lomax”

The world’s best skywalks

As Canada’s Glacier Skywalk opens, offering amazing views over Jasper national park, The Guardian takes a look at the best skywalks around the world http://www.theguardian.com/travel/gallery/2014/apr/29/canada-glacier-skywalk-worlds-best-skywalks-in-pictures