A Hebridean cliffhanger: in search of St Kilda

From its golden sands and its towering cliffs, nothing prepares you for the drama of the Outer Hebrides. Madeleine Bunting pays tribute to the islanders’ indomitable spirit of endurance

Dubrovnik is popular

From my book on The Balkans Dubrovnik in Croatia has the finest set of city walls anywhere in the world. They’re an essential visit for any traveller or tourist to this most beautiful of old cities, which for five centuries was a major power in the Mediterranean. Since my previous visit, two interesting changes hadContinue reading “Dubrovnik is popular”

€2 to see Rome’s ‘mouth of truth’? That’s no lie

Charge allows visitors to see the Bocca della Verità and take one picture with their fingers placed in its mouth

Greece’s old reliable: tourism boom helps soothe battered economy

British holidaymakers lead league table of arrivals to Greece with about 2.4m in 2015 – with Brexit having no impact so far

‘I’m not afraid – it seems safe!’: China opens longest glass-bottomed bridge

The structure, which is 6m wide and 430m long, spans the canyon between two mountain cliffs in central Hunan province

How Nasa technology uncovered the ‘megacity’ of Angkor

Recent laser surveys have revealed traces of a vast urban settlement, comparable in size to Los Angeles, around the temples of Angkor in the Cambodian jungle. The ancient Khmer capital was never lost … it just got a bit overgrown

Racism and ruins – the plundering of Great Zimbabwe

In the 19th century, European visitors to this abandoned medieval city refused to believe that indigenous Africans could have built such an extensive network of monuments. Such ignorance was disastrous for the remains of Great Zimbabwe

Scarborough’s new waterpark gets ready to make a splash

Rides and slides and flumes and pools at a state-of-the-art waterpark are part of the east coast resort’s ongoing efforts to revitalise its tourist industry