Bangladesh – how tourism is taking off

Bangladesh is opening up for visitors and here’s a good article on what’s there for travellers.

The world’s best skywalks

As Canada’s Glacier Skywalk opens, offering amazing views over Jasper national park, The Guardian takes a look at the best skywalks around the world

Travel magazines for independent people

If you want some ideas for changing your travel reading options, check out the magazines in the following article:

The Magic of New Orleans returns

Friendly people, the finest food in the US, some of the world’s best music … and a post-Katrina comeback in full swing

Volunteer Tourism – Voluntourism – Does it do anyone any good?

There are hundreds of ‘voluntourism’ projects available, but a new report claims few of them are doing as much good as they claim. So how do you find an experience that genuinely makes a difference? Read this article for a few ideas: