Melania Trump’s Slovenian home town cashes in on White House link

Sevnica, an hour east of Slovenian capital Ljubljana, is offering visitors first lady-related merchandise from wine and cake to pies and salami. But locals may be tiring of the connection already

Watchtowers, drones and a toxic moat: the designs for Trump’s border wall

Some proposals for Trump’s border wall may look like spoofs, but they provide a fascinating window into the lurid anxieties of middle America

How photographers are capturing the resistance to Trump – in pictures

Photographer David Moriya started photographing protesters against Donald Trump’s presidency on the day after the inauguration, and at subsequent marches he started sharing his pictures with demonstrators. This grew into the Resistance Photography Project, which shares images of demonstrations with people who march, and with non-profits, such as the ACLU and the New York ImmigrationContinue reading “How photographers are capturing the resistance to Trump – in pictures”

Prankster in chief: why I threw swastika golfballs at Donald Trump

He stage-invaded Kanye, gave Blatter a cash shower, and got cuffed for riling Trump. As Simon Brodkin gets his own TV show, he reveals why Scottish police are the best – and Swiss officers the worst

Signs of the times: the best anti-Trump placards from across the UK – in pictures

Protesters have gathered across the UK to demonstrate against Donald Trump’s travel ban. Here are some of the best signs

V for Vendetta, Fahrenheit 451, and five other books that reflect Trump’s America

Is Nineteen Eighty-Four too obvious? Readers suggest books on the rise of a US oligarchy, alternative facts – and a president who won’t live in the White House