Underwater photographer of the year 2017 winners – in pictures

French photographer Gabriel Barathieu has been named this year’s winner for his ‘balletic, malevolent’ dancing octopus, while British winner Nick Blake captured a lone diver among the otherworldly sunbeams of a Mexican cave

World view: To infinity and beyond

This is a beautiful image – amid the myriad blues of the ocean, freediver and conservationist Hanli Prinsloo swims close to a ray. Prinsloo will appear at the Royal Geographical Society as part of the Steppes Travel Beyond festival from 17-18 September

Gaza – Priceless bronze status found

Lost for centuries, a rare bronze statue of the Greek god Apollo has mysteriously resurfaced in the Gaza Strip. http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/feb/10/priceless-bronze-statue-apollo-gaza-strip