North Wales gastro tour: what’s cooking in Cymru?

A culinary trip from Caernarfon to Conwy offers wine, whisky and fine produce a world away from rarebit and laverbread

Landscape photographer of the year 2017: the UK’s best scenery – in pictures

In this selection of winning and shortlisted images from this year’s competition, amateur and professional photographers worked to a brief of showcasing Britain’s eclectic landscapes

Sports the Olympics Forgot – Donkey Jousting

This is an excerpt from the Donkey Jousting story in the book, Sports the Olympics Forgot The sport of Donkey Jousting has taken place under the walls of Caernarvon Castle in North-West Wales since 1300 when King Edward I was building the castle that’s seen today by thousands of visitors. The original jousters were Welsh soldiers who wereContinue reading “Sports the Olympics Forgot – Donkey Jousting”

UK – Smiling Scots, worried Welsh and lazy Londoners: survey maps regional personality types

New research by Cambridge scientists analyses the way different personalities cluster across Great Britain

Turtle Rinsing in London

This story is from a book entitled 40 Humourous British traditions available on Amazon: Turtle Rinsing in London It’s a little known fact that every turtle that swims up the River Thames past Tower Bridge into the Pool of London becomes the property and responsibility of the monarch. This rule is part of the Common Law ofContinue reading “Turtle Rinsing in London”

James Dean Bradfield – Soundtrack of my life

James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers provides an insight into the songs that have shaped his life.

Wales – One of the up and coming wine regions of the world

In south Wales there are young winemakers turning out quality vintages – and opening their doors to guests – read here for more details