10 UK landscape features that you’ve probably never heard of

Do you know what a meol or a zawn is? How about a gryke or a glyder? Here is a topographical tour of Britain, revealing lesser-known landforms and the right words to describe them

New meanings for old words – part two

Compassion n The feeling of extreme pity that you have for other people who simply don’t realise that you know the right direction to go in and they don’t.

Intelligence n The more advanced the microprocessor becomes in your laptop, the more it takes over from you and the more powerless you feel.

Discrete v To say bad things in private about Greek islands in the Mediterranean.

Coffer n Someone who coughs with extreme surprise when they open their wallet to find that there is far more money in there than they realised.

Incense v To become irate when the smoke from burning sticks gets into your eyes, nose, and throat

These definitions and others can be found in the book called The Rhetorical Musketeers and other Stories

New meanings for old words – the first in a series

mendacity – urban regeneration
excommunication – everything you ever said to your partner before you split up
lassitude – act like a dog
gainsay – talk about your winnings at the casino
crackpot – cook with the heat too high
deflower – restock the garden