Travel 2016 – Bratislava

There is plenty to see in the capital of Slovakia – the old town is fairly small but the buildings are well looked after. I like the quirky side of the city – there’s a church of St Elizabeth which is entirely blue, light and dark shades, there’s a bronze statue called The Watcher whoContinue reading “Travel 2016 – Bratislava”

Oakland city guide: what to see plus the best bars, hotels and restaurants

The city across the bay has shed its inferiority complex and offers plenty of reasons to visit. In fact, you can now skip San Francisco altogether, and fly to Oakland direct from the UK

How Skopje became Europe’s new capital of kitsch

Skopje’s new neo-classical splendour is divisive and expensive – not to mention of questionable taste. But one thing’s for sure: it’s made the Macedonian capital a truly surprising and impressive spectacle