Admire Charles Darwin, but never forget Alfred Russel Wallace and James Hutton

– All fans of Charles Darwin, and indeed his opponents too, should take some time to read about Alfred Russel Wallace and James Hutton. These two men should always be mentioned in the same breath as Darwin. I can guarantee creationists will utterly detest Hutton’s ideas.

James Hutton – The Father of Modern Geology.

Alfred Russel Wallace – the co-discoverer of natural selection

If you would like some academic insight into the accuracy of quotes attributed to Charles Darwin, please see this place

So why this post on a travel blog – well these three people travelled widely in their investigations into the truth. Travel does broaden the mind.


Museum rescues sculptor Camille Claudel from decades of obscurity

French artist, once the lover of Auguste Rodin, has her career celebrated with opening of museum in Nogent-sur-Seine

GF Watts: the Victorian painter who inspired Obama

Paintings by GF Watts have influenced figures as diverse as EM Forster and Barack Obama. Two hundred years after his birth, he stands out as one of the most distinctive – and elusive – painters of his times