From Venice into the mountains: fizzing around on the prosecco trail

Prosecco is more popular than ever and from the bacaros of La Serenissima into the Veneto its qualities are being celebrated – and visiting its producers makes for a great wine holiday, too

Weed and wine tours in California

With recreational use becoming legal in January 2018, visitors to the state can join trips matching cannabis with the more established grape-based legal high of the region

Top 10 wine bars in Bordeaux – chosen by experts

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Da Vinci’s vino: a visit to Leonardo’s vineyard in Milan

While painting the Last Supper, Leonardo would retire to his small vineyard across the road. After being badly damaged in the second world war, the vines are flourishing again and the house is open to visitors

A wine tour of Canada’s beautiful Okanagan Valley

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Bordeaux 2016 – La Cite du Vin

With its wide boulevards and neoclassical buildings on the banks of the Garonne, Bordeaux has never been short of ambition. Now the centre of the region that produces the biggest volume of fine wines in France wants to be known as the wine capital of the world. And it’s staking its claim with the openingContinue reading “Bordeaux 2016 – La Cite du Vin”