From the Everglades to Kilimanjaro, climate change is destroying world wonders

The number of natural world heritage sites at serious risk from global warming has doubled in three years, says the IUCN, including the Great Barrier Reef and spectacular karst caves in Europe

Planet Earth II: the most amazing places, chosen by producers

David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II is already thrilling viewers with its amazing photography. We asked the show’s producers for their most memorable places, and suggest ways of seeing the wonders for yourself – though travelling to truly remote spots does not make for a budget trip

10 of the world’s most unusual wonders – chosen by Atlas Obscura

Caves and temples, a strange cemetery, an everlasting lightning storm – and a giant organ, Atlas Obscura shines a light on the world’s weird and wonderful sights. Here are 10 of its best

Travel Quiz

Who doesn’t like a quiz, especially a quiz that acquaints you with sites you’ve never heard of. Look at these pictures and marvel: