‘Grandfather rented the rock for £1 a year…’ Why sailor Alex Thomson loves Jersey

The round-the-world yachtsman’s fondest childhood memories are of holiday trips to a tiny islet off Jersey – and grabbing live lobsters with his bare hands

Glamorous yachting on the cheap, using a new trip-sharing website

Don’t assume a sailing holiday is beyond your budget – Antlos connects boat owners and holidaymakers in the same way as sharing websites Airbnb and Uber

Ski Yachting – Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica – Sports the Olympics Forgot

The windiest place in the world is on the continent of Antarctica. Commonwealth Bay is about 48 km (30 mi) wide at the entrance between Point Alden and Cape Gray and was discovered in 1912 by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition. The wind regularly exceeds 150mph and the average annual wind speed is around 50mph. The winds areContinue reading “Ski Yachting – Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica – Sports the Olympics Forgot”