The Millennium Centre in Cardiff

Opened in 2004, The Millennium Centre was designed by architect Jonathan Adams, using traditional Welsh slate with purple, green, and grey tones. A bronzed steel shell sits like a saddle over the slate. Phrases in Welsh and English, by the poet Gwyneth Lewis, are spelled out in three lines above the main entrance, using 2-metre high letters. Both languages appear on each of the three lines and I found this quite difficult to understand during the day – it reads as follows:




It is much clearer at night, but even then I thought the English was a translation of the Welsh, which it most definitely isn’t. CREU GWIR FEL GWYDR O FfWRNAIS AWEN translates into English as “Creating truth like glass from inspiration’s furnace”. The Millennium Centre is the home of many cultural organisations including Welsh National Opera, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, and Hijinx Theatre.

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