New Meanings for Old Words – Pt1

Aroma             n          The smell of Italian cooking like mama used to make back in Latium

Prosperity        n          All the good reasons why you should become rich and powerful

Context           n          All those misleading sentences in a contract, which are designed to confuse and misinform you.

Devotees         n          Provocatively shaped golf accessories that cause a sensation at the golf course and country club. They are designed for the keenest of golfers only.

Irreverent        n          A vicar with a true sense of what is absurd, both in this life and in the next.

Compassion     n          The feeling of extreme pity that you have for other people who simply don’t realise that you know the right direction to go in and they don’t.

Intelligence     n          The more advanced the microprocessor becomes in your laptop, the more it takes over from you and the more powerless you feel.

Discrete           v          To say bad things in private about Greek islands in the Mediterranean.


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