New Meanings for Old Words – PT2

Coffer             n         Someone who coughs with extreme surprise when they open their wallet to find that there is far more money in there than they realised.

Incense            v         To become irate when the smoke from burning sticks gets into your eyes, nose, and throat

Architect         n          Someone who places discreet curved structures into buildings, which take quite a time to see.

Rearrange        n          The width of the space that your backside occupies when you sit on a chair, stool, or seat.

Harmony         n          Any amount of money that you find when you are feeling threatened or vulnerable. This discovery makes you feel more at peace with life in general.

Business          v          To run a coach company that specializes in tours to Loch Ness to try and see the monster.

Depend           n          That part of the swimming pool where you can just touch the bottom with your toes, while still having your head above the water. This point in the pool varies with the height of the individual concerned.

Intuition          n          The feeling that you really should have paid attention in class at school rather than having to pay for private lessons.

Intention         n          The desire to stay under canvas during the night, which slowly seeps away as the temperature drops. You end up staying in the local hotel overnight instead.



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