New Meanings for Old Words – Pt3

Drasticks         n          When camping in the forest, these are the final two pieces of wood                                        that you are prepared to rub together to try and start a fire.

Example – Be careful – those are the drasticks – if they don’t work it’s going to be a cold night.

Sober               v          To weep out loud because it is early in the morning and you haven’t had an alcoholic drink in over 8 hours. You aren’t an alcoholic though, you just enjoy a drink, don’t you?

Stereostype     n          One of those people to whom it is really important to have the least  up-to-date and most out-of-fashion electrical gadgets.

Example – Dennis is a stereostype – he uses Morse code to order his breakfast in advance.

Portfolios        n          Books that are suitable for reading only on the left-hand side of ships.

Starboardfolios           n          Books that are suitable for reading only on the right-hand side of ships.

Example – I’m going to read my starboardfolios before we arrive in Barbados.

Chime              n          My personal energy which increases significantly when I am blown around by high winds.

Ingreedient      v          To add far more of a particular item into the cooking than it says you should do in the recipe.

Example –

The alcoholic ingreedients added to the rum balls caused everyone to suffer a hangover the following day.

Domesticate    v          To pay homage to the architecture of the Taj Mahal or St Paul’s Cathedral by having a large cupola built on your own house.

Mambutterfly  n          A previously unknown cousin of the mammoth that had a multi-coloured coat and black and white tusks.

Example – The remains of the Mambutterfly were recently discovered for the first time in a glacier in Siberia.

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