Travels through History : France

This is a book about travelling in the south-eastern parts of France.
I recently made a journey through Carcassonne, Niaux, Rennes-le Chateau, Montsegur, Payrepertuse, Fanjeaux, Mirepoix, and Perpignan. I travelled by train between these places.
The problem visitors have in France is where to go and how long to spend there, because there are so many places to choose from. However, I can help you as travelling by train is straightforward.
If you need some up-to-date information about which places to go to, read this book to discover some useful tips. The sights are extraordinary and the history is far ranging. The book combines history and sights in one small volume.
I provide descriptions of the places that interest me and some are in the guidebooks, some are not. This is a short introduction to south-eastern France told with humour and irony.
From the Niaux Cave paintings to the Roman theatres of Arles and Orange to the Cathar castles in the foothills of The Pyrenees there is much to see and remember. All of these places are in this book.

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