Roppongi Hills: controversial blueprint for Tokyo’s new breed of high-rise – a history of cities in 50 buildings

Replacing a traditional neighbourhood in the heart of Tokyo, Roppongi Hills combines modern city life with suburban elements to create a self-sufficient and (hopefully) disaster-proof community. But only for Japan’s 1%

A former Shanghai ‘comfort house’ – a history of cities in 50 buildings

The Ximeng mansion – once used as a military brothel where occupying Japanese soldiers raped local women – is a bricks and mortar testament to Shanghai’s tumultuous 20th century history

The grand London ‘semi’ that spawned a housing revolution – a history of cities in 50 buildings, day 8

3–5 Porchester Terrace is a substantial pile by anyone’s standards. But this west London home set the template for Britain’s most popular type of housing

Leicester prepares for Richard III reburial

Dadlington usually divides its sympathies between the two sides, but for this event they are coming out in favour of the deposed king in the Battle of Bosworth Field. My home city is enjoying the limelight for once and long may it continue.