This book describes to you the south-eastern part of France and its abundance of History. From the Roman theatres of Arles and Orange to the Cathar castles in the foothills of The Pyrenees there is much to see and remember.
There are many mysteries within the History of France.
What treasure did the heretical Cathars smuggle out of Montsegur when under siege by The Inquisition?
Whose treasure did Bérenger Saunière discover in Rennes-le-Chateau that made him so wealthy?
How, 13,000 years ago, did the artists in the Niaux caves paint their animal drawings a kilometre from the cave entrance where there was no natural light?

The book speculates on the answers to these and other questions.
Added to the history and the mystery are a host of natural wonders, beautiful scenery, and familiar names appearing in unfamiliar places. You will learn a lot about the history and the mystery of this area in a short time.
Travels through History: France is available here in Kindle format
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